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South Australian Calamari Whole FRESH

South Australian Calamari Whole FRESH


Calamari have a light, subtle taste and a high recovery rate, and are firm yet tender. To produce tender cephalopods, cook them quickly (for less than 2 minutes) over a high heat, or slowly simmer or braise.


Calamari is popularly served as deep fried rings. It is often mixed up with squid but is a species in its own right. Calamari (like squid) can served rings, or sliced kept flat, and scored diagonally, crumbed, deep fried and is excellent served with tartare sauce. Want to try something different try chilli jam or chilli mayo instead.


Calamari can be coated in sea salt and cracked black pepper, seared very quickly on the barbecue over a high heat, and served with a mixture of lime juice, palm sugar and tamarind. Stuffing Calamari (like squid) is a versatile method of preparation. Olives, onion, parsley and breadcrumbs make a good base—then the options are endless. Poach in a court bouillon for added flavour and serve with capsicums, capers, fennel, tapenade and a reduction sauce of the squid ink, if desired. Due to its texture, squid is also suitable for casseroling. Calamari requires quick cooking if the flesh is not to become tough.


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