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White Fish

Wholesale Fresh fish available for delivery 6 days a week! Use our contact page or online enquiry form to find out information on price and availability.


Local Snapper are found along the entire Victorian coastline. They have a white flesh with a prominent full fish flavour. It is the classic table fish, perfect for display.


Snapper is available all year around, however spring and autumn are among the best time for larger fish.


Tiger Flathead is yet another excellent table fish, with a flaky texture and mild flavour. There are various flathead specifies, with tiger flathead being the most popular and readily available. Spawning occurs over an extended period between Spring and Autumn, with some variation depending on location.

Ash Bros Food Services processes and distributes hundreds of kilograms of local flathead tails daily. 


King George Whiting is wild-caught around Victoria's southern coast and is available all year round with peaks from March to August. Whiting has a fine white flesh and a delicate flavour. 

Ash Brothers processes whiting on a daily basis, with fresh and frozen fillets available in butterfly or single cut. 


Rockling is a freshwater fish found in colder waters, prodominately found in the Southern Coast of Australia and New Zealand. It has a mild flavour being low in fat with a moist and firm fillet. 

It is available all year round with skin on or off and becoming increasingly popular due to having no to little bones.


Dory is available in a variety of different species including John, King, Mirror and Silver Dory. Its pleasant light flavour and fine texture make it an excellent eating choice.


Dory is available throughout the year and can be caught along the entire coast of Australia ranging from WA to Eastern Victoria. It is sold mostly in fillet form, fresh and frozen.

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Local Snapper

Tiger Flathead

Victorian King George Whiting



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