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At Ash Brothers, we stock several species of Oysters from various regions around Australia. Pacific Coffin Bay and Smoky Bay oysters are farmed and grown in South Australia and are in abundance at Ash Bros. The nutrient rich waters of SA give the Oysters an extremely salty, real sea taste. Blackman Bay and Barilla Bay Oysters are also a popular choice and are present along the Tasmanian Coast. They possess similar characteristics to Smoky Bay oysters, with a more refined balanced flavour.


Fresh local and Tasmanian mussels are delivered daily and are in abundance at Ash Bros. 

Sea Bounty mussels (pictured left) are our most popular selection, grown and harvested around Port Phillip Bay in Government approved zones. Tasmanian mussels are of a larger variety found in the clean cool waters of Eastern Tasmania (pictured below). 


Cloudy Bay Clams are harvested along the pristine coastal waters of New Zealand. These surf clams are a native shellfish that exist in stormy food rich surf zones, in turn, developing an outstanding quality and taste. 

Delivered live on a regular basis, Cloudy Bay Clams are available on request.


We have an extensive range of scallops in our 100+ pallet freezer. Our scallops come in a variety of sizes, with roe either on or off, ranging from 10/20 scallops per pound to 40/60. 

Other scallop varieties include half-shell Hervey Bay Scallops (pictured below), local Tasmanian scallops, Canadian, Chinese, Thailand, Japanese and much more. Please enquire online for more information.


Ash Brothers holds some of the highest grade octopus in Australia. Our South Australian octopus is carefully tenderised via our tumbling machine before being delivered to our customers.


This provides that 'melt in your mouth' every single time when cooked in a suitable manner.


We hold several varieties of squid, both imported overseas and local stock. Calamari can be purchased either fresh or frozen in various sizes and forms. 


Examples include squid tubes, rings, pineapple cut, whole, cleaned and much more. Please visit our full product list for more information. 

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Cloudy Bay Clams



Squid (Calamari)

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