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Oily Fish

Wholesale Fresh fish available for delivery 6 days a week! Use our contact page or online enquiry form to find out information on price and availability.


Ash Bros stocks considerable quantities of Salmon throughout the year, with the majority being from Tasmania and the minority from New Zealand (King Salmon). Salmon is farmed sustainably in Tasmanian waters and is hugely popular due to its rich nutritional value and distinct flavour.

Fish sizes range usually between 3-6kg, with major suppliers including Tassal and Huon. Available whole, fillets skin on/off and portioned  (usually betweeen 150-250 grams each). 


There are several various species of shark, with gummy and school being the most popular at Ash Brothers. Often marketed as 'flake', their boneless and thick flakes make it a sweet and delicious option for 'Fish and Chips'. Other cooking methods include barbecuing, braising, baking and poaching.

Shark is primarily caught along Southern Australia including Southern Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay. They can be found throughout the year, but tend to slow down during winter.


Saltwater Barramundi is delivered on a weekly basis at Ash Bros. It is sustainably caught in North Queensland fish farms and possesses a succulent flesh with a delicate combination of flavours and aromas.


This admirably fighting fish is available whole, or in fillets usually ranging from 0.8-1.5kg. Baby Barramundi is also available consistently on request.


Kingfish are available during all seasons, but are more primarily caught during warm summer months as water temperatures hit their season peak. This prized fish it known for its pale pink flesh and sweet, rich flavour. It can be used in various cooking styles and cuisines including Japanese sashimi and sushi. 

Enquire online today for further information on Kingfish availability. 


Black (pictured) and silver trevally are available on demand at Ash Brothers. Trevally is a firm fish with a dry flesh and little bones.


Black trevally is habitually found in tropical climates, specifically in north western WA and the Queensland coast. 


Mulloway or "Yarramundi" has similar characteristics to Barramundi. Mulloway can be found all year around, however it is more easily obtainable during the winter season.

Mulloway (also known as Jewfish), are present more frequently along the NSW and Victorian coast. It possesses a mild sweet flavour with a moist flaked flesh, making it popular with professionals and consumers.

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Shark (Flake)





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