Victorian Mussles Whole FRESH

Victorian Mussles Whole FRESH


Mussels have a strong flavour and are tender and juicy. If overcooked they become slightly chewy. They are best steamed, poached, grilled or barbecued in the shell, but can also be purchased pre-cooked, and out of the shell and marinated.If steaming or poaching, let the mussels cook in their own juice to retain natural flavours. Avoid using too much liquid as the natural liquor of the mussels and moisture from the steam may be adequate. An excellent choice of cooking liquid can be made using a brunoise of tomato, onion, garlic, chilli, lemon juice and white wine.Top mussels with fresh herbs, tomato and breadcrumbs, and grill them in the half-shell under the salamander for excellent finger foods or entrées. Or try this “fish and chips” alternative—mussels stuffed with minced eggplant and garlic, deep fried in a light beer batter and served with fresh lime juice.Flavour creamed or consommé mussel soups with chilli and garlic. Mussels can also be enjoyed on their own with a soy dipping sauce.Use the mussel liquor in salad dressings and seafood sauces for increased flavour.

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